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Cupak and Grantang were two siblings but they had different appearance and attitude. Cupak, the elder was fat, had sideburns, his hair was mess, with a big pot-belly, he loved to eat; a sneaky and bad young man. He was totally different with his brother named Grantang. Grantang was a handsome young man, every woman who saw him would adore him, he had good attitude.

One day, their parent commanded them to work in the farm. Grantang did what he should do like plowing the soil, planting, and cleaning the farm from rice weeds. But what did Cupak do? He played and went around looking for something to eat. Then, when dusk came he came back to the farm.

Grantang had finished doing what their parent told them to do. He saw his brother came but he asked him to get home because their works had finished. On the way, Grantang decided to wash his body on the river before going home and he asked his brother to get home first.

Without any refuse Cupak agreed to Grantang request. Cupak was sneaky. He threw himself to the mud. He walked as if he had done hard work. He shouted for his parents. Then his father came. “You know I finished all of works only by my self while Grantang is having fun with many girls,” shouted Cupak. And his father was very angry with Grantang.

Then Grantang arrived home with tired but clean body. He wanted to take a rest for a while but that desire would never be fulfilled. His father who was angry with him could not control himself. “Why did you let your brother do all the work? You are not my son anymore and leave this home soon; I do not want to look a lazy guy like you, go away!” said his father angrily. Grantang shocked. However he calmed himself down and said:”It is okay if you expelled me. I hope this home will be better without me,” Grantang left his home with tired body and hungry and hurt too.

Knowing that his brother had left home Cupak tried to catch him, he tried to bring him back to home. Cupak persuaded his brother to came back home But Grantang was a determined young man. Along the journey Cupak always moaned that he was very hungry. Grantang asked him to back home but Cupak stuck with his decision to follow his brother.

Finally, they arrived in an unknown region. They approached the food seller. Cupak asked her with impolite words. Then, Grantang repeat the question with such of polite words. “Where is it? Why is this land so quiet? “. Then the food seller replied “This land name Kediri and become quiet because our princess was stolen by I Menaru (name of giant). Without any doubt, Grantang wanted to save the princess. Although, Cupak persuade Grantang not to disturbed I Menaru. He is very scared.

Then Grantang fought I Menaru by himself. I Menaru died by stabbing of Grantang’s Keris (a mean of fighting which is looked like knifes but wavy). Grantang asked his brother’s help to come out him and the princess. Cupak, pulled the princess’ hand and princess succeed to get out. After helping the princess he closed the hole and let Grantang inside.

Then Cupak brought the princess and told the people about his victory. Because of his bogus story that said he had saved the princess and killed the giant, the King thanked him by giving him the throne.

Sinceb that day, every single day Cupak had to be served by suckling pig and many kinds of foods and he was also an arrogant King. He command his soldiers to throw Grantang away to the river in order to his lying would be not revealed.

On another corner, an old couple with no children found Grantang on the river bed. They took him and brought him into their house. Year after year had passed. They considered him as their real child and Grantang loved them as his real parent. Everyday, he helped his host parents to prepare good quality of flowers then his parents sold them in a traditional market near the palace.

Coincidentally, the princess loved to buy many flowers from this couple. One day the princess realized that the woman using gold ring that had ever used by Grantang. She asked the woman to invite her to woman’s home, wishing that Grantang lived with this old couple.

After arriving there, her wish was granted because she found her real hero finally. She sobbed and moaned emotionally and she asked the old couple to permit her to invite Grantang to stay with her in the Palace, and of course expelled Cupak, the big liar.

Her father was very happy since the princess went home together with Grantang. Then they got married and the throne automatically to be Grantangs. The people were very happy because the fool king had expelled from the land of Kediri.

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