Friday, May 7, 2010


Formerly, in wide of ocean,there was a fight between a shark called Sura and a crocodile called Baya. They quarreled just because of scrambling for prey. Both of them were strong,skilful, clever, ferocious, and gluttonous. They had quarreled many times, but no one had won or failed. Finally, they made an agreement.

“I tired of this continuous quarrel, Baya,” said Sura. “I did so. What we have to do to stop our fight?” asked Baya. Sura, who had owned plan to discontinue their fight, immediately explained, “To stop our fight, we better divide the authority territory into two areas. Me, as the ruler of underwater, and I must prey on the prowl just in water area. While you as the ruler of continent and you have to look for your prowl in continent. As boundary between water and continent is place reached by water when ebb!”
“Okey, I agree with your idea!” said Baya. Because of the division of authority territory, there was no fight again between Sura and Baya. Both have agreed in honor of each region. But at one particular day, Sura looked for his prowl in the river. He did it stealthy so that Baya didn’t know. But one day, Baya found this unexpectedly deed. Of course Baya was very angry knowing Sura impinge his promise.

“Hey Sura, why do you impinge regulation we have agree on? How dare you entered river which representing my authority region?” asked Baya. Sura, who felt guilty, answered, “I impinge agreement? This river has water, isn’t it? And I have spelled out members that my territory is in the water, right? So, this river is my authority region.”
“What? That river is located in continent, while your area is sea. Mean, that river is my region!” Baya insist. “It can’t be like that! I have never told if ‘water’ only sea water. I think an irrigate river is also ‘water’,” answered Sura. “Do you intend to ask for trouble, Sura?” asked Baya.
“No, I think my reason is strong enough and I’m sure that I’m in the correct side!” said Sura. “You intend to angle me. I’m not as stupid as you predict!” said Baya start to fulminate. “I don’t care you bright or stupid. The important is river water and sea water are my authority!” Sura didn’t willing to fail. “If so, you mean to lie me, don’t you?! Thereby, our agreement is cancelled! The most powerful one will become single author,” said Baya. “Quarrel again? I’m not scared of you!” challenge Sura egotisticly. Than, a hard duel between Sura and Baya started again. This contention progressively awful and exclaim each other. They were pouncing, nipping, beating, and dashing against each other. During split second, water around them became squeezed by secretory blood of bodily injury from both of them. They continued until scrap furiosly without rest at all. In this awful contention, Baya got a bite on the right of his tail. Hereinafter, his tail always stiff to left side. Whereas Sura’s tail also nipped till almost break. Then Sura back to the ocean. This contention very impress society of Surabaya.


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