Friday, May 7, 2010


In Bali in the days before, rather than a pair of husband and wife. They just did not have children. One day they go to the shrine. They apply to the Almighty to be descendants.

Time also passed. The wife began to contain. How happy they are. Several months later, the baby was born a male. It turns out that the baby is not born normal. When still a baby, he can not eat food for adults. Every day children are more and more.
The children grow into adults that big high. Therefore, he called with the name Kebo Iwa, which means ‘Buffalo Uncle’. Kebo Iwa eat and eat and continue with the gluttonous. Old-time drop his parents to meet the taste of food. They also no longer afford to feed their children.

With heavy hearts they ask for the assistance the village. Since it is all the food needs kebo Iim covered village. Residents of the village and then build a house for a very large kebo Iim. They also cook food very much for that. But long-time residents do not feel able to provide food. Then they ask Kebo Iwa to cook your own. They just provide the raw materials.

Kebo Iwa has legs very wide, so that he can travel faster. If he wants to drink, stay Kebo Iwa’s nails thrust into the soil. There was a small wells so that the water issue.

Because of the strength, Kebo Iwa able to rush troops trying to subdue the Majapahit Bali.Maha Patih Majapahit was done some manuver but never succeed. He was invited Kebo Iwa to Majapahit. He then asks Kebo Iwa make some wells, because the government lacking of drinking water.

Kebo Iwa undertakes no suspicious. The Majapahit, he dig more wells. Indeed work hard, because he had to dig in once. When Kebo Iwa are working on the basis of the wells, the Patih ordered troop load Kebo Iwa with lime – then he died in the wells. With the passing away of Kebo Iwa, Bali can be gone down by Majapahit. That is a short history of people who existed on the island of Bali.

These picture above is Kawi Mountain – The highlight is 10 rock shrines cut directly into the cliff face. The place is said to have been created in one night by a single fingernail of Kebo Iwa.



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